Understanding democracy

What is democracy?
Why does Britain not have a written constitution?
Why should we trust public institutions?

As a functioning democracy, Britain places great importance on every adult member of the population having the right to cast a vote on who governs the country. Part of living in a democracy is understanding and embracing the fact that not everyone shares the same views or values, but everyone can have their own voice and control over their own life. As with many aspects of adult life, rights come with responsibilities.

‘‘Democracy is not something you respect by looking at it, but by participating in it’’

Richard Burge, Foreign Office

‘‘Democracy is not a right; it is a responsibility’’

Richard Burge, Foreign Office

Explain your understanding of the two quotes and how an active citizen would live out the meaning of both ideas.

Were there any examples of voters in Britain’s EU referendum who regretted their decision once the result was declared? Why? What may have influenced them?