Hope for the future

What message of hope can you offer the next generation?

Michael Morpurgo tells us of his sorrow at the murder of MP Jo Cox in June 2016, at the same time as explaining how she and others inspire and offer hope to the next generation. Our value system in Britain is underpinned by the sacrifices that people like Jo unwittingly make in the name of good causes.

How and what can we learn as a society to stop repeating the mistakes of the past? What has this got to do with British Values?

Bringing up the next generation

Taken from the LGfL resource Growing up around the World, the video clip above shows parents reflecting upon their decision to bring up a child in Britain during the 1980s and the values that they wish to share with her.

Henry Winkler: What is your advice?

“It is in your thoughts that your brilliance lies”

Henry Winkler

Students should be encouraged to think positively about their own future and that of British society as a whole – we are responsible for the world that we live in, so let’s work together and share our ‘brilliant’ minds.