What resources can you use to teach British Values?

The London Grid for Learning has a comprehensive range of online learning resources that support teachers as they deliver the National Curriculum. Many of these also cover significant topics that go far beyond the school gate or curriculum.

Over the years, we have developed assets within a number of seemingly unrelated resources that can be used to help develop the discussion of British Values.

Many teachers have expressed frustration about the lack of background information or resources available to support work in this area, so we have curated a number of helpful assets which otherwise form part of a discrete learning resource which might not obviously relate to British Values.

There are also a number of key LGfL resources that are core to British Values, and the Wilton Park and Michael Morpurgo videos were explicitly filmed with British Values in mind. But as you will see, resources that are about breaking down prejudice (Everyone Matters) or finding out more about the world around you (Growing up around the World) are just as useful for helping pupils understand and develop British values. You can find out about all LGfL learning resources at content.lgfl.net.