Core themes: Thinking keys

The following thinking keys may be of use to teachers to use when discussing British Values with students, particularly for challenging more able students. The list is designed to provoke thought and discussion for what is a complex topic for us all.

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  • The similarities and differences between British Values and those held by other countries are…


  • British Values are more relevant now than they will ever be in future, because…

Questions and answers:

  • The answer is: “That’s why it is important to carefully develop students’ understanding of British Values before they leave school.”

    So what was the question?


  • If the British government did not engage in diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts around the world, what would be the consequences be:
    • regionally?
    • nationally?
    • globally?
  • How might Britain’s diplomatic policies need to evolve following the decision to leave the European Union?

What if?

  • What if Britain removed the rights of some people to vote? On what basis might this be acceptable? How would it be compatible with or seen in the context of British Values?

Forced relationship:

  • How might Britain’s values be different today if…
    • it had lost World War 1 or 2?
    • the British Empire had not existed?
    • it were not an island?
    • social media had not been invented?
    • the internet had not been invented?