Core themes: The rule of law

This section explores the complex issues surrounding the rule of law in the context of British society. Richard Burge explores the difference between ‘rule by law’ and ‘rule of law’ in terms of how the British Legal system works.

How does rule of law relate to British Values?
What is the basis of the rule of law in Britain?
How is the application of British law a British value?
Is it ever justifiable to break the law in Britain?

In the context of his wartime novel Private Peaceful, Michael Morpurgo discussed the issues of law in relation to morality and serving in the military, which requires soldiers to follow orders without questioning them.

Did the soldiers in Private Peaceful really believe in what they were fighting for?
Do you think soldiers today would question the morality of their actions more than in WW1?

“I think it is possible to have one's own liberty and sovereignty of self at the same time as collaborating with others who have their own sovereignty of self.”

Michael Morpurgo

Which rules do we adhere to without being asked; which ones do people need reminding to keep?

If an individual doesn't agree with a law, what action can he or she take in a democratic society?