Further assets and resources

The following is a broad selection of assets that you can turn to for one-off lesson activities, as well as entire resources which could become a series of lessons over a number of weeks or longer.

Use the filters to refine your search; remember, aspects of British Values can be found in some unlikely places, so don’t be put off if you can't see the link immediately: view them all in the light of the DfE guidance and definitions.

Espresso Listening: Pupil Parliament
Celebrating Us: Us and our prejudices
Espresso Faiths
Counter-Extremism: narratives and conversations
Real Voices (Syrian refugees are given a voice)
We Will Inspire
Documenting the Holocaust - Genocide in Darfur
The Holocaust Explained
Nazi book burning
Holocaust Explained with the Ben Uri Art Gallery
Royal Mews
Everyone Matters anti-homophobia resource
The role of education for girls and boys in Tudor times
The Tudors in London - understanding our Tudor heritage
Trust Me - critical-thinking skills online
Growing up around the World
Timemaps - change as seen on a map
The Prodigals - life for school leavers
UK Parliament democracy resources
j2vote voting system
Wilton Park Dialogues
What is the purpose of Wilton Park?
What is the difference between government policy and a nation's values?
What is your understanding of values within society?
What are British Values?
Tolerance and inclusivity in relation to British Values
What is fairness in the context of British Values?
How does honesty relate to British Values?
How does rule of law relate to British Values?
What is trust in relation to British Values?
How is the application of British Law a British Value?
Why does Britain not have a written constitution?
How do you bring together people who are in conflict with each other?
Why should we trust public institutions?
Is it ever justifiable to break the law in Britain?
How do we develop real understanding of others?
Which came first: our diversity or our values?
Why is Britain’s population so diverse?
What is the difference between consensus and compromise?
What is democracy?
What is the basis of the rule of law in Britain?
Why do you write about adult problems in children’s books?
Meet Panjy
Do you think your writing helps to promote British Values?
Did the soldiers in Private Peaceful really believe in what they were fighting for?
Do you think soldiers today would question the morality of their actions more than in WW1?
Why do you believe in the importance of a united Europe?
What message of hope can you offer the next generation?
Bringing up the next generation
Sara Khan: What are British Values?
Henry Winkler: What is your advice?